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ZoiMediaGroup and announce the flagship offering of

From the hearts of those of us who make up the National Treasure Association of Mexico, I greet you and welcome you to live the enormous wealth of Mexico, a place where we preserve national identity through our customs, traditions, ways of life and culture.

Tesoros Experiencia, is a genuine and stimulating collection of travel circuits around the cities and sites that protect the Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Mexico, according to UNESCO. For those looking to discover a destination in an exceptional and memorable way, four routes allow you to move around and live the experience: that of the Mines, that of the Lakes, that of the Volcanoes and that of the Jungle. In this way, you will be able to meet those who inhabit those places, listen to the stories that traditional artists, craftsmen and cooks weave every day, that wealth that inhabits their soul from generation to generation and transmit it to us in a unique and honest way.

In addition to all this, exceptional service and quality in the best hotels and restaurants whose gastronomic, cultural, urban and rural proposals will translate into unforgettable experiences for the traveler. Treasures Experience is the opportunity for travelers to recognize themselves in each destination, add sensations and emotions that will translate into a story to share and share.
It’s a new way

To experience and feel this land, a more intimate, exclusive and vibrant way to understand the essence and the splendor of Mexico…


Leobardo Espinosa