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Tesoros Translates to Treasures

At Tesoros Experiences we inspire our guests with authentic local flare through transformational Experience Tours.

Tesoros Experiences understands how much you crave to immerse yourself beyond the beach and further into the heart of Mexico. We invite you to live the wonders of the country, moment by moment, through the lens of authentic culture and ancient traditions. Tesoros Experiences collection properties are more than just beautiful and magical places; they are thresholds for you to cross over and reconnect with nature, people, and your inner-self.

A Little Of Our Story

We were born to inspire travelers

We are an experienced team of professionals passionate about the culture and natural beauty of Mexico, servicing our clients as a Destination Management Company in alliance with Tesoros de Mexico, a collection of the best boutique hotels and restaurants in the country. These properties have been awarded with the Tesoros de Mexico official distinctive label for meeting high-quality service standards, and in recognition for their cultural values. Located in the most iconic cities in the country, all of these properties offer travelers a magnificent opportunity to immerse themselves into the Mexican culture.

At Tesoros Experiences we entice travelers to traverse Mexico with purpose, veering from the traditional guided tour approach to become inspired by mystical traditions, textures, flavors, art and wellness. Tesoros Experiences Collection property owners and upper management look forward to welcoming you as though you were part of the Tesoros family.

There’s now scientific evidence that going to new places, talking to new people and trying totally new things enhance our longevity and general wellbeing. At Tesoros Experiences we have carefully crafted itineraries that aim to spark our guests’ full potential.