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Authentic Travel Treasures in Mexico

Authentic travel plans designed for you

Our company has created an amazing selection of Experience Tours to introduce you to some of the most authentic, undiscovered, and safe destinations in Mexico.  Tesoros translates to Treasures. Every tour is a treasure that includes accommodations at boutique hotels, cultural activities, traditional tasting menus, and luxury ground transportation.

Tesoros Experience Tours begin at $2199 for two people.
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Experience Tour-1

Rejuvenating Retreat in Mexico: Detox your Mind, Body and Soul

3N Mexico City, 3N Tepoztlan (7D/6N)

Let your senses come to life during this transformational weeklong trip into the heart of Mexico.  Dive into the vibrant culinary scene of Mexico City then leave the capital behind to embark on a self-discovery journey into the foothills of the magical Tepozteco mountain. Experience a rebirth temazcal ritual, fine-tune your consciousness with personalized meditation and yoga classes, and take in the present moment contemplating serene landscapes.

Starting at $3,999 - for two

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Experience Tour - 2

Foodie Capitals of Mexico: A Culinary Adventure

3N Mexico City & 3N Puebla (7D/6N)

Discover the authentic Mexican cuisine at these culinary landmarks. Try a mouth-watering tiradito tuna in a crust of grasshoppers in vibrant Mexico City. Have a taste of local artisanal cheeses paired with superb Mexican wines in a redesigned 19th Century mansion. Sip on crafted cocktails that were inspired in the dreams of preeminent women, and learn to cook mole poblano from scratch using traditional utensils at a talavera kitchen in historic Puebla.

Starting at $3,199 - for two

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Experience Tour - 3

Best of the Volcanoes Route: A Scenic Road Trip through Central Mexico

2N Mexico City, 2N Tepoztlan, 2N Puebla (7D/6N)

Set off on a journey where the road itself is the destination, with spectacular views of majestic mountains, volcanoes, plateaus and pueblos. Take in the unique character and flavor of each stopping place. From a holistic spa day in a boutique hotel by the Tepozteco foothills, a tasting menu in a real cantina in Mexico City, to a hands-on mole poblano cooking class in a secluded baroque mansion.

Starting at $3,599 - for two

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Experience Tour - 4

Majestic Road Trip through the Volcanoes of Central Mexico

2N Mexico City, 2N Tlaxcala, 2N Puebla (7D/6N)

Discover the history behind these iconic properties nestled between volcanic sceneries, corn landscapes, and a vibrant Capital city. Listen to the bells toll while you taste local artisanal cheese paired with Mexican wine in the most avant-garde hotel in Puebla and sample four different types of moles served on a talavera plate like the one you will learn to create in a baroque yet contemporary mansion. Experience life, art and endemic dishes in the historic haciendas of the corn kingdom, and indulge like a local in a cantina tasting menu in Polanco, a neighborhood sprinkled with Spanish colonial facades.

Starting at $3,499 - for two

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Experience Tour - 5

Gems of Mexico: A Road Trip of Contrasting Tastes, Cultures & Landscapes

2N Mexico City, 2N Puebla, 3N Oaxaca (8D/7N)

Go through a sensorial journey discovering diverse but equally surprising regions. Taste a mushroom taco al pastor in a traditional Mexico City cantina, listen to the cacao seeds pop; awakening scents and childhood memories as you learn to make your own chocolate cup to sip from in Oaxaca, and knead clay to create a talavera ceramic piece in a historic workshop in Puebla. A highlight of this extended itinerary is to visit the unique Tehuacán Biosphere Reserve.

Starting at $4,199 - for two

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Experience Tour - 6

The Ultimate Road Trip through Central Mexico + Oaxaca

2N Mexico City, 2N Tepoztlan, 2N Puebla, 3N Oaxaca (10D/9N)

Immerse deeper into Mexico and take the time to discover the flavors, culture, history and people who are the inspiration behind all of these places. Mingle with locals in a real Mexico City cantina and listen to them sing live Mexican music. Sip on a classic margarita in a small garden oasis surrounded by Mexican art in Tepoztlan. Experience a 2-day mindfulness retreat inspired in Indian and pre-Hispanic wisdom in the foothills of the Tepozteco mountain. Indulge in the worldwide-celebrated cuisine of Puebla and discover Mexican wine and pulque. Get closer to the people that keep traditions alive in Oaxaca and learn to make chocolate from scratch. Cap it off with a visit to the Tehuacan Biosphere and indulge in an endemic farm-to-table tasting menu.

Starting at $5,499 - for two

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Our guests have an appetite for wonder. They immerse themselves in culture, art and self-discovery. They travel with purpose. We ignite their creativity.

Tesoros Experiences

We have designed authentic experiences in lesser known locations in Mexico.  Our custom tours will allow you to explore undiscovered hidden gems.

Not Your Average Travel Partner

When you book a tour with Tesoros Experiences you are booking an adventure of a lifetime.  You will see, hear, smell and taste Authentic Mexico.