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  • Chocolate & Mezal Pairing at Hotel 1850 Boutique

    From: $100.00
  • Chocolate and Mezal pairing at Hotel Azul

    From: $65.00
  • Coffee Barista Workshop at Acacias

    From: $50.00
  • Cooking lesson on Mining Enchiladas

    From: $100.00
  • Craft Workshops near Pátzcuaro

    From: $160.00
  • Graphic Arts Workshop and Mezcal Tasting at Hotel Parador San Miguel

    From: $55.00
  • Healing Spa Day at Casa Fernanda

    From: $135.00
  • Horseback riding and tasting menu at Villa Toscana

    From: $135.00
  • Namaste Personal Healing: Horse riding, yoga and meditation, vitality pools, massages, temazcal at La Buena Vibra

    From: $270.00
  • Nursery Tour and Bonsai Workshop at Alquería de Carrión Hotel

    From: $70.00
  • Poblano Cooking Lesson at Meson de la Sacristia

    From: $110.00
  • Private view to the art gallery at Casa Carmen

    From: $115.00
  • Private visit to the art gallery and cocktail at Hotel del Arte Santa Rita

    From: $115.00
  • Sati Rebirth Ritual at Hostal de la Luz

    From: $165.00
  • Talavera workshop and gallery + tasting menu at Casa Reyna

    From: $185.00
  • Tasting Menu & Massages at El Molino de los Reyes

    From: $102.50
  • Tasting menu and beers at La Noria Restaurante

    From: $125.00
  • Tasting Menu and Massages + Night Lodging at Villa Ganz

    From: $100.00
  • Tasting menu and Mezcalinis at Restaurante Catedral

    From: $135.00
  • Tasting Menu and overnight stay in suite with lake view

    From: $200.00
  • Tasting menu and private visit to the art gallery at Hacienda Soltepec

    From: $465.00
  • Tasting Menu and Wines at Casa de los Muñecos

    From: $110.00
  • Tasting Menu at El Mural de los Poblanos

    From: $140.00
  • Tasting Menu at Hacienda de Cortez

    From: $120.00
  • Tasting Menu at La Tequila Restaurante

    From: $100.00
  • Tasting Menu at Los Juaninos

    From: $80.00
  • Tasting Menu at Lu, Concina Michoacana

    From: $85.00
  • Tasting Menu at Posada del Tepozteco

    From: $50.00
  • Tasting Menu Culinary Journey at Cantina La No. 20

    From: $95.00
  • Temazcal Ritual and Massage

    From: $170.00
  • Trip to the museum plus tasting menu at Los Jardines de México

    From: $120.00
  • Wine and cheese pairing at La Purificadora

    From: $55.00
  • Women’s Inspired Cocktails at El Sueño Boutique Hotel

    From: $165.00
  • 🌊 Indulge in a Traditional Beachside Seafood Dinner with Exquisite Tequila or Mezcal Cocktails at Puerta Paraíso 🍹

    From: $95.00