Ruta de la Selva, Oaxaca

Just a few steps from the Santo Domingo convent and the Ethnobotanical Garden, Casa Carmen, a true oasis for art lovers, is an intimate boutique hotel bursting with human warmth, light and color. Internationally renowned Oaxacan artist Amador Montes curated and handcrafted himself each room in the house, giving a special meaning to every space and recovering fond memories of his childhood with his fascinating sculptures, paintings, textile artworks and books that celebrate his love for Carmen–the artist’s inspiration behind his creative work.


Oaxaca Roots & Private Art Gallery Exploration at Casa Carmen

Explore the innermost creative universe of Maestro Amador Montes and discover why it is that the memory of Carmen, his mother, is at the center of his work as an everyday reminder of how precious life is. Witness how art itself becomes a home for him to go back to–beyond time and space.