Ruta del Jaguar, Oaxaca 

Located in an old manor near the Historic Center, Azul de Oaxaca was carefully rebuilt to celebrate local art and design. Each of Azul’s suites exhibits authentic Oaxacan art and was remodeled by outstanding local visual artists, allowing guests to experience art in an intimate setting.

The owners of Azul received formal recognition as an art, design and culture inspired hotel by Arquine Mexican Hotels Book. They have also received the 2015 National Quality Award for achieving the highest service standards. Renowned masters such as Francisco Toledo, Rubén Leyva, José Villalobos, Luis Zárate and interior designer Héctor Esrawe, participated in the creation of this concept that connects travel with art, culture, design and gastronomy in the mystical land of Oaxaca.

Artisanal Chocolate Workshop and Mezcal Tasting

Have you ever wondered where prehispanic xocolatl (chocolate) was born and how mezcal is processed? This hands-on workshop gives you the opportunity to delve into Oaxacan culture and identity.

Learn how cacao is dried and roasted on the clay comal (gridle) releasing aromas and notes that allow Oaxacans to be transported back to their childhoods. This is a true alchemist process and the sensory journey can be made individually or as a family group. Taste the most comforting cup of chocolate made from scratch,  and understand why it is that xocolatl is at the heart of Oaxacan families. 

Enjoy a mezcal tasting with the backdrop of the monumental fountain, Muro Llorón, created by beloved master Toledo whose essence still lingers here. Discover the wide array of agaves this spirit comes from and learn about its intricacies, notes and history. Known as the spirit of the four elements (fire, air, earth, and water) mezcal shares the same principles that give life in the the fields of maguey. Each bottle of mezcal is a piece of living art.