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Recently, the digital platform Tesoros Experiences was successfully launched for the promotion and commercialization of Tesoros de Mexico, a boutique hotel consortium. This initiative brings together state-of-the-art technology and the most emblematic destinations in Mexico, each recognized worldwide for its cultural heritage.

Tesoros Experiences provides the consumer with enticing, high-quality video content that is meant to inspire travelers to discover an authentic side of Mexico. Each unique experience offered has been hand-picked by a select group of local boutique hotels and restaurants. Itineraries have been carefully designed to optimally combine various regions and cities in Mexico. 

Instead of reading through multiple itineraries, consumers can instead watch short, impactful videos that showcase the actual travel experience. This powerful platform has the ability to both display video content and process online reservations simultaneously. That way, when inspiration hits, clients can book without hesitation.

This initiative focuses on the North American market, where there is an increasing demand for diversified tourist offerings that highlight culture, gastronomy, nature and wellness. The vast variety of landscapes, activities, history and culture in Mexico can easily be compared with options in Europe or Southeast Asia.

Tesoros Experiences veers from the traditional tour package in its dedication to transformative experiences. These activities are specifically designed to connect the traveler with the local community, as well as encourage a sense of responsibility and sustainability. 

The platform was inspired by a group of independent travelers, each with a deep sense of wonder who take pleasure in learning about the local life while abroad. 

In addition to authentic hotel lodgings and unique experiences, all itineraries include ground transportation services. For those interested, private aviation service will be available as an alternative.