Restaurante Casa de los Muñecos

Ruta de los Volcanes, Puebla

Casa de los Muñecos is a remarkable house built in the 18th century, commissioned by the Mayor of the time, Agustín de Ovando y Villavicencio, who requested a landmark that rendered the extraordinary architecture of the baroque era in Puebla.

The façade displays 16 exquisite talavera boards representing oriental characters, popularly known as “the dolls,” which are believed to have been placed there as a mockery to the Aldermen who disapproved of the construction because they thought it was being too ostentatious. Even though the commission carried on according to plan, disregarding their opposition, when it was finally completed the owner never inhabited the house. Over the years it became the headquarters of a newspaper, a bowling alley, a pulquería, a confectionery, a pastry shop, a photographic studio, and even a boarding house. It was not until 1983 that it was acquired by the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP), paying tribute to the original conception to showcase the splendor of the baroque architecture, culture and gastronomy in Puebla. 

Celestial Baroque Tasting Menu & Mexican Wine Pairing

During the baroque period, the convent nuns in charge of the kitchen were known to be the first cooks who boldly attempted to fuse indigenous ingredients with the recently introduced ones from Spain. Some of their creations were commissioned by the Viceroy himself, sometimes resulting in iconic dishes like mole, a sublime mix of elements including fruits, seeds, nuts, a variety of chiles like ancho, mulato, chipotle, pasilla, and different spices.

Chef Lolita Zavala infuses the same passion and heavenly inspiration with her interpretation of baroque cuisine when cooking in this historical setting. Start off with her chalupas with jerky, cilantro cream sorbet, and lime infusion with rosemary, and get prepared to taste a celestial mole poblano paired with extraordinary Mexican wine that enhances and brings all the flavors together. Last but not least, indulge in a blissful chicozapote ice cream.