Embraced by the calm waters of Patzcuaro Lake and Central Mexico volcanic belt, this cozy and one of a kind boutique hotel was built on the hills to become one with the natural elements: water, fire, earth and air that can be deeply breathed in.  This awe-inspiring haven pays tribute to the purepecha indigenous people that teach, generation after generation, how to love and honor the land in their daily lives while preparing their food, tending to their animals, making a fire or just contemplating nature as it is.

Romantic Dinner  + Uekapiani Master Suite by the Lake at Hacienda Ucazanaztacua

Your suite is right on Patzcuaro Lake, making you feel like you are on a still boat, totally surrounded and held by nature. This secluded hotel is a true sanctuary to gaze at the stars and the moon reflecting back on the water. It’s a natural planetarium where you will have time to reflect on yourself, too. Enjoy a mouth-watering purepecha inspired dinner paired with wine and see all of your senses unfold and open up to an experience that will be as ephemeral as it will be eternal.