Ruta de las Minas, Guanajuato

In the very heart of the city, 1850 Boutique Hotel is a magnificent 19th-century neoclassical building located right in front of Jardin de la Union, a beautiful park where ash trees once abounded and continue to be the inspiration behind it. The hotel’s architect and interior designer carefully integrated natural and contemporary elements, honoring the history that still lingers in every space.  Originally home to a famous local public notary, this sophisticated house hosted Emperor Maximilian and Empress Carlota during an official visit, and during the 20th century, it turned into an elegant casino with chess and billiard rooms included, a stunning library and even a hairdresser’s shop. Today, this eclectic and art-focused boutique hotel is listed as a World Heritage Site, becoming the perfect setting for artworks and design, displaying 20 uniquely designed suites–named after different women– that open their doors like boutique galleries of exquisite decor.

Chocolate & Mezcal Tasting

The city of Guanajuato is the backdrop of historic events and legends that permeate its little streets, alleys and old tunnels. 1850 Boutique Hotel was also touched by one of those stories in the hands of artist Erica Suracce, whose painting La Mujer del Árbol is the welcoming emblem of this hotel, celebrating nature, love and the sensory world. Woman and tree become one -in love and in sorrow- merging tears and foliage as the composite to spring hope and new life. Such is the story of the cocoa tree that emanates delicate feminine floral perfumes and earthy scents at night as a reminder of our oneness. Live your own story tasting a chocolate trio with Mexican flavor notes and textures like xoconostle, maguey and surprising species, paired with a mezcal endemic to the region while you contemplate the ever changing sunset palette from the rooftop terrace and absorb the reverberation of city bells tolling: a true orchestra for the senses.