A treasure to discover in the very heart of Zacatecas. The Hotel exhibits an exquisite art collection, a welcoming introduction to visit all the Zacatecas museums and art galleries and find why this city houses the most significant number of cultural spaces per capita in the Country.

Zacatecas cuisine is also full of masterpieces. Find an exquisite example of this at Santos Maestros Restaurant, by Adriana Fernandez, Jesus Hernandez, and Alejandro Rivas. Their fantastic creations are sure to create a transcendent memory of Zacatecas.

Private Tour & Cocktail From Earth to Heaven

Inspired by the artwork “De La Tierra al Cielo” by Alejandro Nava, this experience offers a private guided tour through the corridors of the Hotel to immerse the traveler in the arts.

Learn about the collection on display and understand the great cultural and artistic richness of this region. Culminate your experience by savoring a 100% Zacatecan mezcal cocktail at the terrace, enjoy the view of the Cathedral, Plaza de Armas, and the imposing Cerro de la Bufa.

Summary: “Zacatecas, the eternal muse of Poet Ramon Lopez Velarde….”