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Tulum Losing Popularity Due To Ridiculously High Prices – Here’s Where Tourists Are Going Instead

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In a surprising turn of events, Tulum is losing its prestige as one of America’s favorite destinations due to ridiculously high prices. Amid reports of inflated taxi fares, already pricier than Manhattan’s, and unsustainable tourism development, vacationers have started to look for alternatives in Mexico where they’ll get the best value for money.

Crowds Gathering Around The Historic Mayan Fort Of Tulum, Perched On A Clifftop Facing The Caribbean Sea On The Mayan Riviera Of Mexico

From a sleepy fishing village to a major international resort, Tulum has banked heavily on gentrification and the construction of ultra-luxurious resorts and tourist complexes to attract more guests during the past decade – so much so that it has lost its traditional Mayan essence in favor of a rapid internationalization (as argued by some).

There’s no denying: tourists are leaving Tulum in droves, but how did the mighty fall, and most importantly, where are they going?

Tulum Continues To Lose Customers As More Destinations Reopen For Tourism

Tourists Walking To The Beach In Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mayan Coast Of Mexico

After enjoying two rather successful years as well sought-after, freedom-loving sunny hotspot, Tulum’s growth has started not only to slow down but reverse as stronger competitors, both domestically and internationally, up their game. In fact, Europe’s summer comeback has hit local businesses particularly hard.

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