Ruta de los Volcanes, Tlaxcala

Nestled between the majestic Popocatépetl and La Malinche volcanoes, the Hacienda of Soltepec and Hacienda Santa Bárbara are two spectacular estates instilled with vistas, aromas, flavors and traditions of corn and maguey (agave plant). Both ingredients have not only been a delicious source of nourishment in Mexico over millennia but they are also at the very heart of the country’s traditions and spirituality.

The Kingdom of Corn – Haciendas Experience

A two-day historical, artistic and gastronomical journey: two haciendas under the volcanoes in the land of corn and maguey.

You will  be first guided through Hacienda Santa Barbara, a beautiful estate where you not only will learn and be in awe of the wonders that surround the hacienda, but you will visit Malena Diaz’s art gallery, which pays tribute to corn as her main source of inspiration. You will also make a toast on top of the chapel to enjoy the sunset with the stunning volcanoes and corn plantations in the background.

At Hacienda Soltepec you will be able to stroll around and uncover the hidden gems of these mystical lands. This estate was originally built in the 16th century in a maguey plantation which fermented sap has been used to produce an alcoholic and sacred beverage known as pulque. During the pre-hispanic era, this beverage was reserved for the gods and their priests,  and over the centuries, it has become more available, and savvy travelers from all around the world are now looking for a well kept secret in Mexico. 

This Hacienda was also the backdrop for leading film stars María Félix and Pedro Armendáriz in the movie “La Escondida” that was shot during the golden age of Mexican cinema. Today, this spectacular estate welcomes travelers willing not only to learn about the history of the hacienda, but to experience it like the main protagonists in a land throbbing with culture, traditions and gastronomy.

Take in the historical importance of maize and its many varieties and colors that are endemic to this region while you learn the masa nixtamalization (corn dough) process from scratch, and enjoy a tortilla made by yourself along with a traditional salsa prepared with local ingredients. A historian will also recount the history of corn, the ancient kitchen utensils, the discovery of pulque… You will understand why locals consider themselves as corn guardians and have pledged to protect it.

Chef Juan Manuel Carpintero will be preparing this narrated menu dinner inspired by conquistador Hernan Cortes and pre-hispanic translator La Malinche. The local dishes highlight corn as the main ingredient of Mexican gastronomy. The  menu will include ingredients that are endemic to the area like multi-colored corn, amaranth seeds, pulque, corn sprouts, pumpkin flowers, huitlacoche, pericon, epazote, pinole, and an exquisite combination of elements that  you will never forget.