Ruta de Los Volcanes

Molino de Los Reyes is a magical place in the middle of the forest, next to the banks of a river in the municipality of Totolac, in the central state of Tlaxcala. The property was originally built as a wheat mill in the 18th century. Today this beautiful place has been transformed into a unique romantic scene.

Converted into a Restaurant, Boutique Hotel, and Spa, this space surrounded by nature pays tribute to the family cuisine, transmitted from generation to generation over the last century. The touching handwritten correspondence between Lolita and Joaquin, founders of this place, will lead you to discover why this couple loved each other so much, but also how their descendants keep their love alive and honor their memory through the senses.

“Pleasure Through the Senses” Tasting Menu, Wine Pairing & Massage 

Discover a great love story and immerse yourself in the intimacy of Lolita and Joaquín through their letters. This literary and culinary experience is a journey through all of the senses: a delightful dinner menu based on family recipes, a “Royalty Experience” couples massage, aromatherapy with local essential oils, breathtaking sights and the soothing sound of the cascade.

 It will be an inspiration to fall in love again.