Ruta de los Volcanes, Morelos

The magical town of Tepoztlan is renowned worldwide as a wellspring of energy, transformation and inspiration. The mountains that surround this boutique hotel, the beauty of its gardens and the enchantment of pre-hispanic mysticism pervading the air is the perfect backdrop to go on a trip to the senses.

Each room has been carefully designed and arranged to welcome guests as though they are close family members coming back home from a long trip. But the mission of the staff members at Casa Fernanda goes beyond that. They thrive to make visitors feel at home in their inner selves, inviting them to live a transformational experience of the body and the soul.

To complete this warm setting, just like a Mexican family would welcome its friends, La Veladora restaurant will pamper you with a comforting and sophisticated culinary experience. Seafood from Baja California Cuisine is infused with the flavors of the volcanic mountains of Morelos. The tlacoyos (an oval shaped Pre-Hispanic Mexican dish made of corn), usher in the perfume of the sea, to give you an example of how extraordinary this celebrated restaurant is.

Holistic Healing Spa Day  

Toci, Our Abuela 

Inspired by Toci, the health goddess of pre-Hispanic Mexico, this ritual experience will allow you to fine-tune your body, tapping into your immune and nervous systems in a holistic way.  The spa combines Mexican herbal knowledge with a comprehensive understanding of human nature and of the energy that emanates from the Tepozteco mountain.

This ritual begins with a relaxing session in a saltwater pool that has a magnificent view of the Tepozteco foothills. You will be then guided to a traditional temazcal to purify your body and soul followed by an exfoliation and body wrap that will detoxify and awaken your energy channels. Once you are in full relaxation and all of your chakras have been opened, you will finish off this experience with a personalized massage with aromatherapy essential oils.