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Mexico’s Safest Tourist Destination Is Also One Of Its Most Beautiful

Amid the surge in demand for international travel, Mexico continues to soar in popularity, easily claiming the spot of the most-visited country among Americans.

Despite their love for Mexico, with its laid-back atmosphere, and incredible culture, one of the things that persists at the back of U.S. vacationers’ minds is safety. After all, Mexico is repeatedly portrayed in the media as a place where crime occurs regularly and gang activity is rampant.

Most of these claims are unfounded, as anyone who has been South of the border will know, but there are regions in Mexico where more caution is urged, like any other country, and where we could argue tourism should be discouraged.

Luckily, there are other parts where safety risks are minimal, and tourists are welcome to a stress-free holiday. That is the case with the lesser-known Yucatan, the safest state in Mexico and also one of its most beautiful:

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