Ruta de los Volcanes, Puebla 

Legend has it that it was archangel St. Michael who envisioned the layout of Puebla, and that after this arduous assignment, he took a nap under the shade of an old willow tree that grew in the orchard grounds of this beautiful house built in the 18th Century. The hotel is a dreamlike place for those looking for rest, inspiration, manifestation and superb food.

Frenesí, the dining room, creatively fuses cuisines from all around the world with Mexican and Pueblan ingredients that come directly from local and seasonal markets.

Storytelling & Cocktails of the Feminine Inspiration 

A brief talk at the hotel’s cozy reading room will unveil the secrets and most cherished dreams of preeminent women like Frida Kahlo, Tamara de Lempika, Dolores del Río, La Güera Rodríguez, Tina Modotti, and other outstanding feminine figures who never stopped envisioning their future, and thus inspiring the name of the 20 suites of El Sueño. Browse through the many books available to discover more stories waiting to be told.

After this literary journey, you can take a deep breath at the terrace with stunning views of baroque Puebla and then enjoy a feminine inspired cocktail at the bar La Tentación, as you merge these women’s dreams with your own.