Ruta de los Volcanes, Puebla

Formerly founded as a 16th Century hacienda, today’s restaurant La Noria preserves the character and flavors of the colonial period, merging the past with stunning contemporary interior design. The terrace is surrounded by exuberant greenery, flowers,  and lush trees where birds perch to sing while you enjoy a world class tasting menu.

Pueblan Tasting Menu with Craft Beer 

Chef Fernando Barrales has devoted himself to rescue local traditions of the past, bringing them to life.  

In this menu, you will taste the traditional, the classic, and the unforgettable flavors of Puebla cuisine, pairing with artisanal local beers that will burst the flavors of Puebla de mis amores (my beloved Puebla) in a spectacular setting full of nature, art, and history.

The highlights of this tasting menu include quesillo in green sauce, cacti soup with shrimp and chamorro in roasted chili sauce, paired with crafted beers like Magna Imperial.