Ruta de la Selva, Oaxaca

In the heart of the historic center, when head cocinera (cook) of Catedral restaurant, Doña Martina Escobar Montero prepares her authentic black mole, she brings to mind fond memories of her mother cooking it, passing her recipe secrets and traditions down to her own daughter, Adriana. Three generations of women that radiate love for family and preserve the culinary art from the Istmo of Tehuantepec region.

The elegant dining room is furnished with oil paintings by renowned artist Amador Montes, highlighting the colorful baroque atmosphere and preparing the senses to taste the distinctive food of Oaxaca, an intangible cultural heritage of Humanity declared by UNESCO.


The Flavors of Oaxaca & Mezcalini at Restaurante Cathedral 

Tehuana women don’t just cook, they consider cooking a ritual. Be enthralled with a delicious tasting menu prepared and inspired by these women of kind heart and strong will, and discover why artists like Frida Kahlo loved food from this region, often dressing and portraying herself in traditional tehuana costumes. Start off with a sweet and sour mezcalini (tamarind mezcal margarita). Have a taste of a tender corn tamale with cream and cheese, a corn-based chili pepper soup, a roasted suckling pig, and a fresh chicozapote with custard.