Day by Day

Day 1:

  • Arrive in Oaxaca and check-in at Hotel Azul
  • Spend the day exploring Oaxaca at your leisure

Day 2:

  • Enjoy your stay at Hotel Azul and explore more of Oaxaca
  • Take in the local sights and attractions

Day 3:

  • Continue your stay at Hotel Azul
  • Engage in activities or visit nearby attractions of your choice

Day 4:

  • Check-out from Hotel Azul and transfer to Parador San Miguel Boutique Hotel
  • Check-in at Parador San Miguel and explore the surroundings

Day 5:

  • Enjoy your stay at Parador San Miguel
  • Take the opportunity to discover more of Oaxaca’s culture and attractions

Day 6:

  • Check-out from Parador San Miguel and depart from Oaxaca

Note: This simplified itinerary provides the basic structure of your stay in Oaxaca, with two different hotels for accommodation. It allows for flexibility in exploring the city and experiencing its cultural offerings. Feel free to customize the itinerary further based on your preferences and add any specific activities or attractions you wish to include.

What's included

Suggested Airport: Mexico City International in and out.
Enjoy traveling through Mexico in our fleet of luxury SUVs with a private driver.
Stay in the most historic and beautiful boutique hotels in all of Mexico.
Oaxaca City, Oaxaca

What's not included

  • International Airfare into Mexico
  • Local transportation when exploring on your own. We recommend asking your hotel to recommend the best mode of transportation depending on your destination.
  • Tips for Experiences
  • Meals and activities not indicated on your itinerary

Starting from $2490, 5N Oaxaca - 2 Accomodations (6D/5N)

Your Suggested Itinerary:

Artisanal Chocolate Workshop and Mezcal Tasting at Hotel Azul

Have you ever wondered where prehispanic xocolatl (chocolate) was born and how mezcal is processed? This sensory, hands-on workshop delves you deep into Oaxacan culture and identity. Close your eyes, allow the complex layers of hot chocolate made from scratch to penetrate your taste buds. It’s the perfect precursor to the smoky flavor of a locally produced mezcal to follow.

Oaxacan Menu Tasting at Restaurante Catedral

Oaxacan cuisine is an art. Colors, flavors and preparation are intentional and distinctly Oaxacan. The owners of Restaurante Catedral infuse family recipes with regional tradition to create a truly beautiful tasting menu. Sample a variety of dishes in an elegant dining room centrally located inside the bustling historic district.

Graphic Art Workshop & Mezcal Tasting with Dona Rebeca at Parador San Miguel

Experience the process of making an engraving using ink, graffito, and press with the advice of artists from the Máscara Negra workshop to create a unique work that will remind you of your time in the Verde Antequera in Oaxaca. Afterwards, you will be offered a mezcal tasting and learn about the origin and identity of this special Mexican spirit.

Oaxaca Roots & Private Art Gallery Exploration at Casa Carmen

Explore the innermost creative universe of Maestro Amador Montes and discover why it is that the memory of Carmen, his mother, is at the center of his work as an everyday reminder of how precious life is. Witness how art itself becomes a home for him to go back to–beyond time and space.

Starting from $2490, 5N Oaxaca - 2 Accomodations (6D/5N)