Ruta de Los Lagos 

“We buy from, support, and promote local producers who have a genuine love and respect for the earth and its traditions, and who are proud of their past and committed to their future.” This is how chef Lucero Soto describes the mission behind Lu Cocina Michoacana, a beautiful contemporary Mexican restaurant that is devoted to celebrate the wisdom of the women who have played an important role in Lucero’s life as a chef, reinterpreting their dishes with a cooking style and language of her own.

Lucero is also aware of how food and craftsmanship complement each other, making sure that every texture or smell, every plate whether it’s crafted in clay, wood, copper or ceramic, is brought to the table to frame her dishes and highlight the symphony of flavors she creates for her guests.

What Does Michoacan Taste Like? at Lu Cocina Michoacana Restaurante

Michoacán tastes like mezcal with the view of a thousand mountaintops; Like the Sierra de Jalmich pastures where Cotija cheese was born; Like the reflection of silvery charales (miniature fish) swimming in Patzcuaro Lake.

It tastes like the journey of the Monarch Butterfly; Like the silkiness of chocolate or the deep red color of passion fruit; Like cardamom awakening memories in your taste buds.

Michoacán tastes like mystical corn, and above all, it tastes like love in the hands of wonderful cooks –past and present—that allow us to enjoy and celebrate the many wonders of this magnificent land.