Ruta de los Lagos, Michoacán

Just across the street from beautiful Plaza Vasco de Quiroga, this colonial mansion was redesigned in 1969 to preserve the Arriaga Iturbe family legacy. Not only was the colonial splendor of his house preserved but it also keeps something even more special alive: the family lifestyle of grandparents’ homes. Fond of traditions and art, the Iturbe family has a unique collection of colorful handicrafts and paintings by artists like Soledad Tafoya and Arturo Solis that depict Michoacan’s way of life.


Traditional Tasting Menu and Charanda Pairing at Mansión Iturbe

Listen to the familiar voices of the past speaking through the walls of this home and be curious to stroll around its hallways to discover traditions behind every portrait, object or piece of art. One of such traditions is drinking charanda, a liquor similar to rum which you will get to taste in the main room like the chinacos (local hacienda workers) used to drink, paired with a delicious tasting menu from the lake region of the purepecha cuisine inspired in the family recipes of Doña Francisca de Iturbe.