Ruta de los Volcanes, Ciudad de México 

In the heart of Polanco, surrounded by the most preeminent cultural and culinary scene in Mexico City, this boutique hotel vibrates with a holistic atmosphere and brings together a refreshing vision of the ancestral and contemporary culture of Mexico. 

The feathered-serpent Aztec god Quetzalcoatl is the essence and inspiration lingering in this hotel. Its spirit seems to remind us that life is an everlasting journey calling for rebirth and reconnection with nature, knowledge and transformation. Every space here, every corner and piece of art has been exquisitely selected with purpose and meaning for the guests to find. They seem to be like offerings to Quetzalcoatl in appreciation for life. The whole place reverberates the character of the real Mexico City: ancient, mystical, diverse, modern, vibrant…

Temazcal Ritual & Massage

Imagine a pre-hispanic sanctuary in the midst of the megalopolis where you are able to experience a mystical ceremony like in the ancient times of the old Tenochtitlan as well as a contemporary holistic spa treatment.

The ritual begins in Pug Seal’s garden where a traditional Temazcal was adapted using volcanic stones that are infused with healing herbs that will cleanse the body and spirit restoring the natural balance between them while invoking the four elements (wind, water, earth and fire) and the regenerative power of Quetzalcoatl. Your choice of massage will then follow at the hotel’s modern spa and you will enter a new cycle, totally renewed so that you may continue the journey of your life.