Ruta de las Minas, Guanajuato

Guanajuato is one of the most representative colonial cities of Mexico. With its unique corridors, cobblestone streets and long tunnels, the city is the backdrop of many legends and historical events. It is also known as a mining city, and many of its traditions, lifestyle and folk art orbit around the extraction of different materials that are embedded in the soul of its inhabitants.  

Edelmira Hotel Boutique is a 19th Century old home that was used as a stagecoach and lodging for preeminent personalities during the political reform movement in Mexico. Located in the historic center, just a few steps from peaceful Jardín Union, the house was restored with a sophisticated and warm style, preserving its stonewalls and historic essence.

Mining Enchiladas Cooking Class & Cocktail 

 Mining Enchiladas are at the heart of locals in Guanajuato. They were originally created by the miners’ wives that prepared them for their husbands after a day of hard work in the mines. The recipe fuses indigenous ingredients with colonial era cooking techniques creating a unique flavor only found in Guanajuato.  While you sip from a delicious mezcal cocktail made with garambullo fruit, learn how to make your own mining enchiladas to celebrate your personal accomplishments. This culinary workshop will take place in the hotel’s terrace that has a superb view to a city that has so many more gems for you to discover.