Ruta de los Largos, Jalisco 

A family run restaurant, La Tequila Cocina de México has been a reference of traditional Jalisco cuisine for 26 years. Its style is to preserve traditional flavors but with contemporary elements. The owners passionately promotes local, regional, and national sources of the best quality products combined with the knowledge and tasting of agave distillates all produced in Mexico. They offer more than 200 tequilas and 25 options of mezcals, sotoles, bacanoras and raicillas; not to mention a large repertoire of Mexican wines. La Tequila is certified by the Distinctive H, and is the first restaurant in the world to receive the Distinctive T, awarded by the Tequila Regulatory Council.

7-Course Tasting Menu & Tequila Pairing at La Tequila Restaurante

 This experience is a sort of meet and greet with many different types of tequilas.  You will learn the journey that this jewel of Mexico must go through, from the selection and barrel aging processes, until it reaches the diner’s palate to pair with spectacular regional dishes.

 Tequila is the quintessential beverage of Mexican culture, both for its historical transcendence and its value in Mexican cuisine, and this experience is a full immersion to both.