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Sample Tour # 1

Rejuvenating Retreat in Mexico: Detox your Mind, Body and Soul

Starting from $2999, 3N Mexico City, 3N Tepoztlán (7D/6N)

Let your senses come to life during this transformational weeklong trip into the heart of Mexico.

Sample Tour # 2

Foodie Capitals of Mexico: A Culinary Adventure

Starting from $2900, 3N Mexico City, 3N Puebla (7D/6N)

Savor the genuine Mexican cuisine at Mexico City and Puebla’s culinary landmarks.

Sample Tour # 3

Best of the Volcanoes Route: A Scenic Road Trip through Central Mexico

Starting from $2940, 2N Mexico City, 2N Tepoztlán, 2N Puebla (7D/6N)

Set off on a journey where the road itself is the destination with spectacular views of majestic mountains, volcanoes, plateaus and pueblos.

Sample Tour # 4

The Ultimate Week in Central Mexico: CDMX, Puebla, Tlaxcala

Starting from $2899, 2N Mexico City, 2N Tlaxcala, 2N Puebla (7D/6N)

Discover locations not typically visited by tourists and be blown away by the beauty, history, and cuisine in the heart of Mexico.

Sample Tour # 5

Your Extended Experience in Mexico: CDMX, Morelos, Puebla, Oaxaca

Starting from $3599, 2N Mexico City, 2N Puebla, 3N Oaxaca (8D/7N)

Immerse yourself into the deep cultural heritage of Mexico by visiting some of the most authentic, artistic and awe-inspiring regions of Mexico.

Sample Tour # 6

The Ultimate Road Trip through Central Mexico + Oaxaca

Starting from $4399, 2N Mexico City, 2N Tepoztlan, 2N Puebla, 3N Oaxaca (10D/9N)

Immerse deeper into Mexico and take the time to find the source of inspiration behind these secluded places.

Sample Tour # 7

Weekend Adventure in Michoacán, Mexico: From The City to the Lakes

Starting from $2399, 2N Morelia, 3N Patzcuaro (6D/5N)

Take in the creative and nourishing force of stunning lakes, lagoons, and city areas that have been recognized as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Sample Tour # 8

Best of Historic Landmarks of Morelia, Patzcuaro and Guanjuato

Starting from $2520, 2N Morelia, 1N Patzcuaro, 2N Guanajuato (6D/5N)

Learn firsthand Mexico’s history and see for yourself the most cherished traditions in these colonial cities full of stories to be heard.

Sample Tour # 9

Best of Mexico City, Tlaxcala (Val’Quirico) and Puebla

Starting from $2699, 2N Mexico City, 2N Valquirico (Tlaxcala) 2N Atlixco (Puebla) (7D/6N)

Ideal for families, these charming locations sprinkled with fields of lavender, horses, flowers, bonsais, & endemic ingredients will awaken your sense of joy.

Sample Tour # 10

Best of Oaxaca: Food and Art

Starting from $2995, 3N Oaxaca at Hotel Azul, 2N Oaxaca at Casa Carmen (6D/5N)

Live the arts and culinary scene of Oaxaca: the cultural gem of southern Mexico.

Sample Tour # 11

Wellness and Celebration of the Senses Experience in central Mexico (Adults only)

Starting from $3360, 2N Tepoztlan (Morelos), 3N Puebla, 2N Tlaxcala (8D/7N)

Celebrate life in a romantic setting, exploring central Mexico’s heritage and fall in love again.

Sample Tour # 12

Oaxaca Arts, Chocolate and Mezcal

Starting from $2490, 5N Oaxaca - 2 Accommodations (6D/5N)

Indulge in a chocolate, mezcal and culinary feast for the senses embraced by world-class art and local markets.

Sample Tour # 13

Contemporary Mexico City and Cuernavaca, the Eternal Spring City

Starting from $2040, 2N Mexico City, 2N Cuernavaca (5D/4N)

Take a long weekend to catch Mexico City’s hip vibe and breathe in the eternal spring atmosphere of Cuernavaca, surrounded by lush gardens, history, & extraordinary food.

Sample Tour # 14

Jalisco State, The Most Mexican Experience Discovering the City of Guadalajara

Starting from $1260, 3N Guadalajara (4D/3N)

Journey into the heartbeat of Mexico where mariachi music and tequila were born, and marvel at the agave plantation scenery, one of UNESCO’s World Heritage intangible sites.

Sample Tour # 15

Mexico City and Zacatecas, Culinary, Colonial Architecture and Art

Starting from $1319, 2N Mexico City 2N Zacatecas (5D/4N)

Absorb the ancient and vibrant energy of the capital city, taking pleasure in superb food along the way, and cap off your experience visiting the mining city of Zacatecas, one of the colonial jewels of Mexico.

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