Experience of a Lifetime

All of your senses will come to life on this rejuvenating weeklong trip to Mexico. Your holistic journey begins in the vibrant capital, with a two-night immersion in the posh district of Polanco. Dive into the culinary culture at a local cantina, tasting local dishes and national wines that pair beautifully with lively music and top-level service.

You’ll soon notice the subtle warmth on your skin and a slower pace of breath. Around you, mountains, flowers and tropical palm trees quickly replace Mexico City’s urban sprawl. You’re now entering Cuernavaca, the eternal spring city of Mexico where you will check in at the Hacienda de Cortes, an architectural and historical gem dating back to 1530 when the king of Spain granted Hernán Cortés the title of Marquis of the Valley of Oaxaca along with a vast territory of land as a reward for overthrowing the Aztec empire, a true historic treasure and a natural oasis where 16th century amate trees still grow.

Day by Day

Day 1:

  • Transfer from Mexico City International Airport to Pug Seal Hotel in Polanco
  • Enjoy a tasting menu at Cantina La No. 20

Day 2:

  • Explore Mexico City’s museums, historical sites, shops, and parks
  • Experience a Temazcal Ritual and Massage at the hotel

Day 3:

  • Transfer from Mexico City to Cuernavaca
  • Check-in at Hacienda de Cortes Hotel and enjoy a Historic Tour and Morelos Cuisine Tasting Menu

Day 4:

  • Visit Jardines de Mexico and explore the artistic gardens
  • Indulge in a delicious tasting menu at the property

Day 5:

  • Transfer from Cuernavaca to Mexico City International Airport

What's included

Suggested Airport: Mexico City International in and out.
Enjoy traveling through Mexico in our fleet of luxury SUVs with a private driver.
Stay in the most historic and beautiful boutique hotels in all of Mexico.
Mexico City, State of Mexico | Cuernavaca, State of Morelos

What's not included

  • International Airfare into Mexico
  • Local transportation when exploring on your own. We recommend asking your hotel to recommend the best mode of transportation depending on your destination.
  • Tips for Experiences
  • Meals and activities not indicated on your itinerary

Starting from $2040, 2N Mexico City, 2N Cuernavaca (5D/4N)

Your Suggested Itinerary:

Temazcal Ritual & Massage at Pug Seal Boutique B&B, Polanco

In an oasis in the center of Mexico’s capital, indulge in the purifying, pre-Hispanic ritual known as a Temazcal. Inside Pug Seal’s garden, enter this hot steam bath of hot volcanic stones and healing herbs. Finish the ritual with your choice of massage in the modern spa.

Tasting Menu at Cantina La No. 20

Sink your teeth into Mexican culture, literally and figuratively. The stylish Cantina La No. 20, located in the posh Polanco district of Mexico City, offers a tasting menu to delight all the senses. Feast on contemporary yet traditional dishes that will bring Mexican culture to life.

Historic Tour and Morelos Cuisine Tasting Menu, Hacienda de Cortes

Travel through time alongside Martín Zúñiga, a historical character who takes his guests on a historic journey, narrating the legends and everyday life behind these walls. Not only will you learn about Cortés and Malintzin, the woman who was his interpreter, but you will also discover the inside story of Cortés’ descendants who rescued the plantation and transformed it into this peaceful haven. Complete the experience with an exquisite local cuisine tasting menu paired with a mango and mezcal margarita and the hacienda’s special wine.

Journey into the Labyrinth of the Senses, at Los Jardines de Mexico, Cuernavaca

Experience El Laberinto de los Sentidos (Labyrinth of the Senses) shaped by green tunnels that playfully intersect and surprise those who roam them with marvelous sculptures and nature. They are an open museum where each step involves discovering works of art and sounds of birds, a unanimous presentation of beauty and introspection. This surreal journey also involves discovering a unique sanctuary, the first of its kind in Latin America. Upon arrival at BeeRing, you enter a modular cubicle where 30 beehives are being monitored using sensors and microphones to provide information on a global scale for the study of bees. An experience that concludes with a surprise à la carte menu. Gourmet meals inspired by the thematic gardens will delight all your senses with flowers, herbs and vegetables from the garden recreating a symphony of flavors.

Starting from $2040, 2N Mexico City, 2N Cuernavaca (5D/4N)